Nov 1, 2011

Safe and Sane Trick or Treating for Kids

I love the tag line for promoting the Halloween event in our neighborhood.  There's no question it's safe, with all the streets blocked off, friendly police officer presence, and store keepers handing out the treats.  Sane?  That would be another story...  it's a very popular event in an award-winning neighborhood in our city, with children in costume coming from all over.  We saw plenty of princesses, goblins and ghouls, along with a little Sherlock Holmes and his assistant father dressed as Watson; a Subway sandwich; and my personal favorite, a moving box.  Our little pirate was a little shy getting started, but soon warmed up to all that was going on.  He had his 'Dinosaur Daddy' (what he began to call him after seeing his skeleton face paint) by his side and eventually began mustering up the courage to say trick or treat.  All in all the three of us had a lot of fun, and got back just in time for the door-to-door treat-ers in our neighborhood.

 he felt comfortable with Napoleon Dynamite


an inspiration to all aspiring little pirates 

'dinosaur daddy'

~Happy Halloween 2011~

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