Nov 15, 2011

Movie Monday

Due to my husband's profession, our weekends begin on Sunday and end on Monday; therefore Mondays often feel like Sunday to us.  We generally like to take it easy, and this last Monday was no exception.  The weather was especially stormy making it the perfect opportunity for an afternoon movie.  When my son picked this movie off the shelf at the library, at first glance I thought it was an older one, perhaps from the early nineties.  Upon a closer look, I noticed the star of the movie did not look as he did in the nineties, and became intrigued.  Actually filmed in 2009, this movie has a classic appeal, one you don't find much in modern family films today.  The pace and filming were equally pleasant, while the storyline is full of heart.  I was also delighted to see that it not only held my attention, but my three year old son's as well.  If you're looking for a quality family film released anytime in the last decade, this one is a sure hit.


  1. oh richard gere, what a handsome man!! looks like your little one fell asleep haha but i'm sure the movie was good! i'll have to check my library for it.

    also, i'm curious as to how you found my blog through sometimes sweet as i don't advertise on her blog?

  2. Caught up on your last few posts and I must say "Why oh why can't we be neighbors!!???" BIG sigh....I just want to give you a big hug and say you're a great mom, with style, heart, and balance. I love how much time you spend at the library and I love the simplicity with which you are raising your little guy...he is so lucky!! He is going to grow up rich with memories and knowledge of the things that are most important in life. Be sure to help him keep this perspective when he enters school and is around kids who don't grow up with the perspective that you've so blessed him with! Keep it up lady! I admire you! -H PS if you end up having a girl I know of someone who has saved some very special clothes that you might want to have passed on to you ;-) wink wink

  3. miss teacups, thanks for visiting :) I'd love to know what you think of the movie if you end up seeing it...

    I found your blog through your comment - I enjoy reading others' comments and have found some great blogs (yours included) that way. Any chance you might share some of the baby/family blogs you love? Always looking to add to my reading list!

    Heather - I know it... we just have to live thousands of miles away from each other :( You are so kind to say these things; it makes me so happy to know we share the same values. Motherhood is definitely a journey and I'm trying to keep a down to earth perspective as possible! Thanks for the welcome advice... I'll take as much as you want to dish out. BTW, I am working on your letter; I've been trying to wait but I just can't do it any longer... I have too much to tell you. We may just get each others at the same time. Much love~