Jan 20, 2012

Winter Extreme

It's been awhile since my last post, and since then there have been many changes.  After much anticipation and consideration, I've returned back to full-time work.  Having begun my new position three days before Christmas, the last four weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement and adjustment.  Things are going really well; I love my new job, my son and husband are spending more time together, and plans are big for 2012.  Among all this we are managing our way through a blast of snow that has suddenly hit our area... and it couldn't be more crazy.  After nearly a week of wild weather and playing in 6+ inches of snow, I'm ready for things to return to normal and to get back to my resolutions for the New Year, which are...

  • Save for a family cruise
  • Begin a membership at a pilates gym
  • Teach my son to read
  • Tackle projects as they surface
  • Get a promotion
  • See 3 shows with my husband (we love live music)
  • Watch my husband teach our son how to BMX (we're watching lots of videos on youtube now)

What are you're resolutions?

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