Nov 1, 2011

Runway Inspired Halloween Makeup


About 2pm yesterday I suddenly decided I wanted some sort of a costume to wear while taking my son trick-or-treating. I love Halloween, and have had a lot of fun with costumes over the years (a favorite being Phyllis Nefler from Troop Beverly Hills) but since the birth of my son I have to admit my costume priorities have been on the back burner. Not to mention my terrible penchant for procrastination, something I really hope to improve on over the years. But it's of this procrastination that an idea I hadn't even considered until now was born. I didn't have any sort of costume in mind or planned, but did have two makeup cases full of cosmetics from my years in the industry (I occasionally still do weddings). Something fun and creative on the face was better than nothing. So I googled chic Halloween makeup and uncovered a plethora of ideas from runway photos. How perfect! After considering each one, Call of the Wild became the ideal choice, since I could pair the look with a fur-trimmed coat hanging in my closet. This may just become my go-to solution for what to be each year from here on. Check out some of the other images I found interesting below.



  1. Wow! What great work! Seriously!! You like a model and I will say that it's rather disgusting (hehe just jealous!). I love it!! I was a total bore and just followed my daughter and her cousin around with a camera. Oh well! Next year I hope you do a whole months worth of ideas leading up to Halloween. Think about it!
    PS About the thief and my phone...he was caught and my phone was returned! I can't believe it! All is good and it's just a phone, but I have felt rather unsafe just walking to my car today...guess it will fade over time. Be safe out there though. I should stop typing here and just finish your letter.... :-)

  2. Thanks Heather! and hahaha aren't you funny... gotta love photo editing!! By the way, you are never a bore- you're costume choices for your daughter alone are enormously creative; and I won't forget how amazing last year's costumes were. So clever.
    What a relief about your phone; I'm happy you got it back! And I will admit I have been very anxious for your letter; I have so much to write back! oh well, guess I deserve it ;)