Nov 2, 2011

Lullaby Substitute

For the last week or so my son has been asking me to sing him to sleep at bedtime. He stopped enjoying the traditional lullabies I would sing to him as a baby when he hit about two years old, so coming up with material has been a challenge. I don't know a lot of songs by heart, just bits here and there, and a whole bunch of Christmas numbers. Not wanting to flood him with holiday music quite yet (he'll hear plenty when it starts everywhere, like in a week) I scoured my memory for the songs of my youth, with that being the last time I spent hours belting out lyrics while driving my car or riding with friends. I couldn't get enough of this lovely lady back then, and if I listened to the albums today could possibly recall nearly every song by heart. This and one other stuck out in my mind, and before five minutes was up, I had my son snoozing the night away.

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