Oct 31, 2011


We woke up to quite a bit of rain on Sunday morning, but that didn't stop us from enjoying our day. Since my son usually wakes around 7-ish, it makes for an early rise. We watched Back to the Future (one of our favorites) while letting my husband sleep in. When the movie ended, my son asked me if I would preach him... this is what he says when he wants to do a preschool activity :) So I 'preached' him for awhile, cause I never want to deny him learning time when he asks for it (even though we generally take Sundays and Mondays off). After that we all dressed and headed out to pick up his Halloween costume and lunch/dinner at a just opened burger joint in our neighborhood; we love going out for burgers and with it's retro surfer vibe this place is becoming a fast favorite.

enjoying a smoothie while getting 'preached'

I didn't make the bed; very unusual for me


 building a city of blocks 


he'll be a pirate this year! 

Lefty's - our new burger joint

husband waiting for order on awesome surfboard bench

enjoying their famous onion rings

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