Nov 18, 2011

Play Series : Playmobile Racecar Found

Last summer one of my son's Playmobile toys went missing.  While he did noticed it was gone, I was the one who was devastated.  We still had the race car driver, but his race car was no where to be found.  So I mourned for a bit and then left it to the universe that it would show up again someday.  Which is exactly what happened one kinda pretty day while I was in the backyard raking leaves.  All the wildflowers were over grown and many needed pulling.  I began yanking a few out and low and behold, there it was - our beloved race car.  Having spent half of summer and nearly all of fall outside in the dirt, sun and rain, it was in remarkable shape... just a little dirty.  I cleaned it up as best I could and my son hasn't stopped playing with it since.

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