Dec 9, 2011

A Simple Happy Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated my husband's birthday.  He's officially one year over the hill, and has never been much into parties that solely celebrate him... humph.  But he is very generous when it comes to Lars and I celebrating him, and we started the day off by presenting a couple of handmade birthday cards to him as soon as he woke along with lots of jumping on the bed.  We enjoyed a long relaxing morning just hanging out, then when we finally got hungry headed to a favorite eatery of his for some french dip sandwiches.  Once home, it was time for cake.  I made this one I talked about here and it's  made it's way into my permanent collection.  It turned out so delicious that I think it will be making a regular appearance on this special day for years to come.  To top the day off, I captured this iconic image below... Sixteen Candles anyone?

Happy Birthday to my honey.  Here's to another 40+ years!

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