Dec 10, 2011

Our Friday Night

I love gingerbread houses.  I love the whole idea of them, from baking the gingerbread, cutting out the pieces, collecting cute candies, and making stained glass windows.  I even picked up a book at the library the other day full of architect-designed gingerbread houses and the instructions to go with.  Like I said, love it.  Just... not with a three year old.  When I began contemplating taking on the enormous task of making one, thoughts of catastrophe began entering my mind.  Crumbled walls, icing gooped in places it shouldn't be, half-eaten candy.  No, that sort of thing will have to wait some years.  But the tradition still beckons... that's why when I passed this on the shelf at the market recently, I had to grab it.  And to my delight, we had a blast constructing it.

our new tradition - he's allowed to eat off one piece of candy each day till Christmas

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