Oct 24, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

In the city we live there is a park that resembles that of Central Park in Manhatten. Not as big, it's 27 acres in size, taking up 10 city blocks. It's full of big beautiful trees and among them is an arboretum. It's one of my favorite places to visit in the fall, and making it even more of an attraction is the newly built playground. We took Lars there on Sunday afternoon and the light was so beautiful that neither my husband nor I could stop snapping photos. Here are just a few we took of each other which I edited with my new favorite photo editing site. If you don't have an iphone with the latest Instragam feature (I don't), check it out; it's addicting.

my son and I 

one of the many slides at the new playground; he had a blast

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  1. C-U-T-E....and you are glowing by the way ;-)