Oct 21, 2011

Learning Letters

A little over five weeks ago I began a pre-school curriculum at home with my son.  Each week features a new theme and covers one letter and one number, along with shapes and colors being introduced bi-weekly.  There is always one special activity involving the theme, usually an art project or game.  I'm also working on including outings that tie in with the theme each week, such as visiting a pet store for kittens or the zoo during jungle week.  There is a reading list included as well, with sometimes up to ten different books that we get at our library and read throughout the week.  Occasionally I will find movies that fit the theme and we will watch those together.  So far he is enjoying the experience and responding with great interest.  We generally spend about an hour each morning covering the material for that day, and continue to include examples of it throughout our day.  This is all sort of a prelude to our decision of whether or not to continue to home school when he reaches elementary age.   I've always enjoyed teaching and am enjoying this experience beyond what I ever imagined I would.  Next month we'll be adding swimming lessons.

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