Dec 5, 2011

Getting Festive

We took some time this weekend to put out our holiday decorations.  After my husband brought in the Christmas tote from storage, my son showed a serious interest in how things should be displayed; I basically followed his requests as to where to put the lights, garlands and tree ornaments.  Since everything we used is from last year we ended up with a sort of funky bohemian look that feels fun and offbeat in a juvenile way.  Letting my son take the lead when it comes to things like this really takes the pressure off me to make everything 'perfect'.  I also like that he finds so much more joy in anything we do when he's allowed to be creative and participate.   We still have yet to pick up our tree, and I'm looking forward to his suggestions on decorating that as well.

 - pleased with his work -


  1. Looks amazing, Lars! Great job :-)

  2. thanks Mandy - Miss you... hope you and your family are having a fun holiday season!