Nov 4, 2011

Swim Lessons

Last night we had our second session of swim lessons.  Having arrived early I was hoping the extra time my son had to watch others in the pool would encourage him a little more to get in.  We sat on the bleachers and observed the junior high swimmers do laps, he cheered and laughed when we got splashed, and I spent a few minutes giving a pep talk.  By the time his class arrived he was still in his street clothes, and no matter of convincing from me was going to change that.  Ten minutes into class he was finally ready to put on his swim shorts...

...but then happily sat back watching while munching a bag full of goldfish.  Ten more minutes and he was nearly persuaded to get in by one of the little girls in class.  She took his hand and talked sweetly to him, and he followed her all the way to the edge of the pool... but it was a no sell.  I had to give her props for getting him as far as she did; once he reached the edge, she jumped in and he ran back to mommy.  By this time, class was up.  Ahh well, maybe next time.

...although he did manage to dip his toes in for a moment.

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