Nov 20, 2011

Spontaneous Sunday

Sundays are pretty typically our family day. Whether we stay in or go out, we always do it together. It feels good to reconnect after a long week of work and gives each of us a break from our routines. But occasionally my husband or I will make a personal commitment to a friend or activity outside of our little trio. A few Sundays ago I headed to the city for brunch with a girlfriend, and today my husband woke up at 6am and went to the mountain with a friend of his. So my son and I were left to our own devices, and after such an early wake up call it was starting to feel like a long day... and it wasn't even 10am. I hadn't made any certain plans for the day since my husband's were somewhat last minute, but I knew we were going to have to do something fun or the day would drag by while we both sat missing him like crazy.

Always up for some time in the neighborhood, we headed out first thing for coffee (did I mention being completely out of coffee and not knowing this until our alarm was going off? Not good). After charging up on an Egg Nog Latte for me and hot chocolate for my son, it was still a little early for lunch so we headed to the park to kill some time. The air was crisp and quite chill, but the sun was shining and we kept cozy warm in our thick fluffy down coats. After a few turns on the swings, it was closer to lunch time.

We made our way over to a popular neighborhood diner (and favorite of mine) for a split plate of burgers and fries. Not needing to rush anywhere next, we spent a good hour eating and laughing and coloring. My son was remarkably good the entire time, and it was a relaxing, pleasant experience (which as we know isn't always so when dining with a three year old).

Next up was the neighborhood art gallery, recently voted best art gallery of the city and where we purchased our son's first art piece.  It's a tradition for us to give him a new piece of art for his birthday each year, and we are still looking for the right one for this year. It looks like he'll be getting it for Christmas instead. I did find a piece I really liked, a lithograph in primary colors of children playing. If my husband likes it we will hopefully have it under the tree in the next few weeks. On our way past the art gallery is the hobby store, and inside is a train table all set up for play. We stopped in and it took me quite awhile to pull my son away... I eventually lured him with the promise of a cupcake... where I found a new babysitter. Yay!

The counter girl was the sweetest and made all kinds of gushy remarks about my son. He couldn't tear himself away from conversation with her. She was very mature being a senior in high school and holding a somewhat managerial position; I'm looking forward to getting to know her better.

By this time it was nearly 2pm, so we began making our way back home. It had warmed up quite a bit and the walk home was relaxing. Once in our front door, we settled in for a movie and before we knew the day was nearly done. What a great day with my kiddo.

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  1. I can't wait for our kiddo's to meet one day! :-)