Oct 19, 2011

Labor of Love

As I mentioned before, last week was my son's birthday.  He turned 3 and I am amazed at how fast we've arrived at this age.  He is now very much a little person with his own personality, preferences, and personal interests;  one of them right now being trains.  For his first birthday I ordered the cake.  For his second we made cupcakes.  So when I asked him this year what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday and he requested a train cake, I felt I had to deliver (after all, I did watch my mom make wedding cakes all throughout my childhood - she even made mine - how hard could it be?).  After pouring over photos here and using instructions from Child Magazine's Book of Children's Parties, I set to work.  Over the course of two days I fretted and sweated and became very anxious over the outcome of this seemingly doomed cake.  I used generic food coloring and discovered I wasn't going to achieve the bright colors I had hoped for; the homemade fondant turned out too dry to roll out and I could not get it red enough; and I ran out of chocolate frosting for the engine part of the cake, therefore having to use red along the backside (where no one can see;  I made peace with this).  In the end it looks nothing like the photo, but turned into something maybe a little better that my son loved.  He understood that we would eat it, but all he really wanted to do was play with it.


(ta-da!  somehow I managed to pull this one off)

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